1. Registrations: Click below to access the download registration form*

*One form required per child. Fill out form at home.


2. REGISTRATION IN PERSON (Required to Audtion):

Bring to the CWB Office. 1) Your Child, 2) Pre-Registration Form, 3) Wallet-size photo, 4) $10.00 fee per child, paid in cash or check to Central West Ballet. Each child must register in person to be measured for height. This is a non-dancing registration. Each dancer will then be given the exact time to return for the Audition Saturday, August 18 at Central West Ballet, 5039 Pentecost Drive, Suite B2. All roles in Central West Ballet’s Nutcracker are cast by height, skill, and ability. Each role has a specific height requirement; in addition all dancers must fit into existing costumes.

Please choose one of the days listed to come in for registration: August 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 or 16, between the hours of 4:00pm–7:00pm at 5039 Pentecost Drive, Suite B2. Registration will take about 10 minutes.



When: Saturday, August 18

Where: Central West Ballet. 5039 Pentecost Drive, Suite B2.

Please be prompt. Dancers will not be admitted after the audition begins. All auditions are closed. All dancers will learn several combinations at the same time. Dancers will be given 15 minutes to learn each combination as a group and then perform in front of a panel of judges.

Girl’s Wear: Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair in bun, no jewelry, no skirts.

Boy’s Wear: T-shirt, sweats, gym shorts or tights, jazz shoes, ballet shoes or sneakers.

Casting: Dancers chosen for the production must attend all rehearsals and costume fittings. Dancers will not be able to choose their own role or cast. If siblings are cast they will be cast together. Dancers will be cast as best befits their abilities within the production. There will be 2 performing casts. All information will be given on how to access the online rehearsal/performance schedule, costume fittings, as well as other pertinent information. The Nutcracker will be rehearsed and performed, October 2 – December 16. NOTE: Lead children’s roles begin Oct 2. All other parts begin Oct 29.

Notification of Results: Results will be emailed by Friday, August 24.

Mandatory Parent Information Meeting: Tuesday, September 4th 7:15pm-8:00pm, Rolle Studio, 5039 Pentecost Drive, for parents of children cast in the ballet. Only one parent is required to attend to review the 2018 Handbook, Polices & Procedures Manual. Children do not attend. Families will be informed about the requirements to have their child perform in the production. Each family is required to volunteer during the production.

Parent Volunteer Sign up Lists: Available Tuesday, September 11th in Office Lobby.

Performance Fees: Each child chosen to perform will be assessed a participation fee of $25.00 (Maximum $50.00 per household for multiple family participants). Participation Fee is due October 5, 2018 and is required to be paid in full in order to attend rehearsal. The fee covers, in part, the cost of rehearsal personnel, costume fitting, costume cleaning & costume repair. This fee is non-refundable should the dancer drop out of the production. Additional costs run between $60.00-$150.00 per role, for theatre make-up, shoes, socks, tights based on the role(s). All items purchased become the property of the dancer once the performances are over.

Gallo Theatre Rehearsals and Performances:

Cast A:

Gallo rehearsals December 2-4, 6

• 2 Gallo school performances December 5 (10am & 12noon)

• 3 Gallo public performances Dec 7-9

Cast B:

Gallo rehearsals Dec 2 & Dec 10-12

• 3 Gallo public performances Dec 14-16

Questions: If you have questions about the Nutcracker, please do not call the office. For the quickest response please email us at info@cwballet.org



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