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Cynthia Coughlin - A Central West Ballet Leader

Words of Appreciation
By René Daveluy






Cynthia Coughlin is retiring after over 12 years of strong leadership as Executive Director of Central West Ballet. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many important achievements during her tenure. In my thirty three years in the world of dance, having had the opportunity to learn from many dance pioneers, I got a close up look at the inner workings of ballet companies, bookings, artistic matters and managerial departments.

The daily operations of ballet companies largely function through the leadership of two entities; the artistic and executive directors. This relationship is often depicted as dream versus reality. In fact, there is much more involved than meets the eye. Problem solving and challenges due to funding and deadlines are what drives the discussions. Depending on the geography of the company, its community and population base, the executive and artistic directors will compose with what is in front of them, and what can be achieved while balancing the status of the company and its budgetary responsibilities. Sometimes you have to weather through difficult financial situations. At other times you can make a move and take a risk. Both directors are the sum of their parts




Central West Ballet News

30 Years and Counting

Central West Ballet's 30th Anniversary Gala was held on February 8 and this special evening of dance was a chance for everyone to enjoy a wonderful look at the evolution of the Company since its inception in 1987. It was also a great time for directors René Daveluy and Leslie Ann Larson to celebrate the work done under their tenure since 2004.

"Leslie and I were at the beginning of our forties when we took on leadership of the Company 13 years ago and this adventure was in many ways the most wonderful of our dance careers". Daveluy and Larson say they have witnessed many superb moments during the development of Central West Ballet as it became a resident company of the Gallo Center for the Arts. "We started in the high school system", Daveluy goes on to say, "back then, it really was a community effort to get everything done with the dedication of parents, volunteers and the beautiful creativity of many seamstresses, carpenters and entire families to get the shows produced". READ THE FULL ARTICLE


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